Executive Officer

Mike Mayeux (Micron)

Gender: Male
Height: .35 M in resting state
Weight: 328kg
Hair: Any
Eyes: Any
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Race: Founder
Home World: The Great Link

Current Assignment: First Officer, U.S.S. Victorious

Chapter Awards:

Genesisfleet/Ship Awards

Starfleet Career Summary:

2334: Graduated from Starfleet Engineering Academy. Assigned to the USS Victorious as Engineering Crewman.  2338: Promoted to Chief Petty Officer. 2341: Promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer. 2345: Promoted to Warrant Officer and starts Starfleet requirements  for Commissioned Officer. 2348: Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer and Awarded Commendation Ribbon. Starts Starfleet requirements  for Commissioned Officers 2352: Completes requirements for Commissioned Officers and receives a promoted to Ensign.  Awarded Meritorious Service ribbon with 4 Bronze loops for outstanding service to ship.  2360: Promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade). Awarded Genesis Fleet Campaign Ribbon with 2 Bronze Stars.  2376: Promoted to Lieutenant (senior grade).  2379: Promoted to LT. Commander and assigned as Chief Engineering Officer.  2383: Assigned as Operations/Second  Officer.  2385: Promoted to Commander.  2386: Assigned as First Officer USS Victorious. 2389: Awarded commendation ribbon 1st oak leaf cluster for assisting at the Region two summit.

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