Constitution of the USS Victorious
Ratified Stardate 10515.09
Rear Admiral C. Mark Anderson, Commanding

We, as dedicated fans of Star Trek and science fiction in the greater Tampa Bay, Florida region, herebyestablish an interactive Star Trek and science fiction fan organization. The organization is devoted to the promotion of the ideals, philosophies, and concepts set forth by Gene Roddenberry in Star Trek television and movies. We do ordain and establish this Constitution and the following Bylaws for the formation of our

This organization is dedicated to the memory of Eugene Wesley Roddenberry (1921-1991). Without the vision of the Great Bird of the Galaxy, none of this would be possible.


1. Name
The name of this organization is the USS Victorious NCC-40967-A, herein referred to as “Victorious,” located in Pinellas County, Florida, USA.
2. National Organization Membership
Victorious, May from time to time become a chapter of one or more national organization. A majority vote of the membership of this organization is needed to affiliate itself with a national
organization or other organized group, like wise a majority vote of the membership is needed to remove the Victorious from said organization. The Victorious will conform to the parent
organization’s rules and regulations, as long as this does not interfere with this organization’s constitution or by-laws. The members of the Victorious may not force members to join the parent
organization, no preferential treatment will be given to those members who choose to join the parent organization.
3. Sanctions
Victorious is not a sanctioned organization of Paramount Pictures Corporation, nor its parent company, Viacom. Any reference to Star Trek, its characters, or intellectual property relating to
Star Trek is © Copyright 1996 by Paramount Pictures, Inc., a Viacom company. No infringement is intended.


1. To unite fans of Star Trek and science fiction from all walks of life, including those of various ages, religions, and ethnic groups.
2. To promote fellowship with people in our area with similar interests.
3. To have fun in our chosen hobby, to include attending science fiction conventions, collecting memorabilia, costuming, and role-playing characters from science fiction.
4. To perform civic, charity and community service in our area.
5. To cooperate with other organizations which subscribe to purposes and activities similar to our own.
6. To cooperate with local and national organizations having similar interests and objectives.
7. To publish a periodic club newsletter on club activities and Star Trek and science fiction fandom in our area.
8. To disseminate information on matters concerning Star Trek and science fiction fandom through speeches, discussions, publications, mass media, or the Internet.


1. Activities of Victorious will include sharing knowledge, expertise, experience, and enthusiasm through fellowship with other Star Trek or science fiction fans in our area.
2. Victorious will hold no fewer than one (1) monthly business meeting to discuss club business and plan social events. If the business meeting falls on a holiday weekend or conflicts with
another event the membership may vote to change the meeting date or cancel the meeting until the following month.
3. Charitable activities will always be a part of Victorious.
4. Social activities will be open to any and all members, their families, and friends.
5. If an event is held at an establishment that serves alcohol, the event may be limited to those who meet the age requirements of that establishment.


1. Overview
Membership shall be open to any sentient being, regardless of age, ethnic background, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, economic status, political views, national origin, physical or
mental capabilities, species, or planet of origin. We shall not discriminate for or against anyone for any reason, in any way, shape, or form. In addition, this organization will not accept
invitations from–or participate in any activities with–any organization that discriminates on the bases noted above. Members are diverse, yet share a common bond – an appreciation for Star
Trek and science fiction. Our organization has a common goal of providing fellowship and FUN.

NOTE: Members are to be cautioned that fan politics in ANY shape or form are neither wanted nor tolerated in our organization.

2. Membership Categories
A. Primary members are full members of the Victorious. They must attend a meeting or social activity once every sixty (60) days to retain their status. Primary members are full, voting
members of our organization and represent the core decision making body of Victorious. Failure to meet this criteria will result in the Executive Committee changing the member’s category to
secondary member.
B. Secondary members are members wishing solely to socialize or correspond with the organization. They may include those belonging to another Star Trek fan organization who
would simply like to be affiliated with our organization and who may not wish to play an activepart in the day-to-day operations of Victorious. Secondary members have no voting rights and
may not seek a club position unless they meet the requirements to become a primary member.

3. Membership Requirements
A. Underage members. There is no age limit for membership. Primary or secondary members under the age of eighteen (18) must have written approval from parent or legal
guardian before becoming a member. A release form containing permission to participate in Victorious functions and pertinent medical information must remain on file with the Secretary.
Some functions may require the presence of a parent or guardian, at the discretion of the Executive Committee. These members will serve under the cadet program until the age of
eighteen. Members under the age of sixteen (16) may not hold commissioned officer ranks, unless a member shows himself/herself, to be of the mature and responsible caliber to hold such
a position, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, who may then allow the cadet permission to receive a “field commission” to an “Acting Officer”. This rank is honorary and
may be revoked at anytime by their Department Head and/or member of the Executive Committee for any action/behavior deemed inappropriate. The Victorious is not a “baby sitting
service”, and the Executive Committee may determine if parental/legal guardian must be present at any or all club functions.

B. Application for membership. A signed application will be completed and retained on file with the Secretary. A copy of the Constitution and Bylaws will be provided to the applicant
for review before signing the Application.
C. Liability. Applicants understand that Victorious does not have liability insurance. Applicants waive all rights to litigate against Victorious or its individual members.
Victorious will not be held liable, responsible, or accountable in any way, shape, or form in the event of personal loss or injury at a club meeting, function, or activity. Applicants understand
and agree to this policy by signing the application form before membership in this organization will be granted.

D. New members. New members will serve as secondary members for sixty (60) days before being granted full status as a primary member.

E. Termination of membership. There is no set term of membership in this organization. Membership may be terminated at the member’s written or verbal request to the Executive
Committee. Membership may also be suspended or terminated by the Executive Committee for just cause, under the terms listed in the bylaws.
4. Membership Responsibility
All members of Victorious are responsible for the following:
 Actively participate in Victorious activities.
 Lending their time and talents to club projects when called upon.
 Conducting themselves in a manner which is neither abusive nor offensive while
participating with or representing Victorious.
 Reading and following all rules and regulations listed in the Constitution and Bylaws.
 Following through on commitments made to ship and crew to the best of your abilities.
 Being responsible for their guests.

4. Membership materials
 The following items are free for new members:
 Constitution and Bylaws
 Recruiting materials (optional)
The following items may be available for purchase:
 Club T-shirt or hat
 Costumes, accessories, and props


1. Policies
A. Treasury. Victorious will be self-sustaining. The treasury shall be the responsibility of the Vice President. A locked cash box will be maintained and a report presented at each business
B. Accounting. Only the Vice President and/or the Executive Committee are authorized to obligate funds and execute financial transactions on behalf of Victorious. Records will be
maintained by cash ledger to assure fund accountability.
C. Audit. The President will initiate annually in November or upon change of Vice President, a financial audit by a qualified person not serving on the Executive Committee.

2. Membership dues.
There are no dues for Victorious. Membership at the local level is free. Membership in a parent or external organization is not required, though if membership is desired,
dues are subject to the parent/external organization’s guidelines.

3. Donations
Donations toward club expenses are accepted at any general meeting. All donations will be placed in the general treasury. Any donations earmarked for special projects must be used for
those projects. A donation of one dollar ($1) per meeting is suggested.

4. Expenditures

Expenditures will be limited to those required to support the activities of the organization. Expenses such as printing the newsletter, recruiting materials, and social activities are all
acceptable. Any single transaction in excess of $50.00 must be pre-approved by the Executive Committee. Expenditures usually require pre-approval by the Executive Committee.
Reimbursable expenses and allowances to individuals will be granted at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

5. Assets and Liabilities

A. Physical Assets. To guarantee mutual gain of benefits by members, no member shall have any interest in, or right to, the property and assets of Victorious. All property and assets
shall be subject to direct control of, and expenditure by, the Vice President and/or the Executive Committee. Should Victorious be dissolved or liquidated, or otherwise cease operation, the club’s
property and assets shall first be used to pay any outstanding debts, in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida. Also, members, according to the laws of the State of Florida, may be
liable to any creditors if the assets of Victorious are insufficient to discharge liabilities. Any remaining property shall be raffled off to primary members, and any remaining money used to
have a “decommissioning party”. Any remaining assets shall be contributed to a worthy charity, as deemed by the Executive Committee.

B. Intellectual Assets. The preceding paragraph also refers to Intellectual property of the Victorious. For example, any functions, events, projects, and/or ideas adopted by the club remain
property of the club. If a member is chosen, or volunteers to organize an event, function, project and/or idea, and that member chooses at a later date to no longer participate with the club, the
member agrees to release any and all information acquired for any of the above to the Executive Committee, and will not attempt to circumvent or hinder the clubs pursuit of any of the
aforementioned items.

NOTE: Dissolution of Victorious may be accomplished by a majority vote of the general membership, or by order of any court of the State of Florida or any of its municipalities.


The primary governing body of Victorious, the Executive Committee, shall consist of the President, Vice President, and Secretary. The Executive Committee shall make many of the dayto-
day decisions of the organization. All financial operations must be approved by the Executive Committee. They shall serve as the administrative body of the organization. The membership, by
way of a direct democracy, shall serve as the legislative body. The Executive Committee and the membership may introduce policy to the club by way of the Bylaws.


The President, Vice President, and Secretary shall be the chapter officers of this organization.
The requirements and duties of the officers are described below.

1. President
The President shall be ultimately responsible for the general welfare and administration the organization’s funds and financial records The President is required to respond to any written
request regarding the status of the chapter’s records from one of the Chapter members within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the request.

The requirements for President are:
 Minimum age of twenty-one (21).
 Must be a primary member in good standing for one (1) year.
 Must meet the requirements of any parent or external organization to which the club belongs. The duties and responsibilities of the President are:
 Conduct regular business meetings.
 Conduct executive committee meetings.
 Organize club functions.
 Communicate and coordinate activities with other organizations.
 Assume responsibility for the actions of the membership, with special attention to members under eighteen (18).

2. Vice President
The requirements for Vice President are:
 Minimum age of eighteen (18).
 Must be a primary member in good standing for six (6) months.
 Must meet any requirements set forth by a parent or external organization to which the club belongs.

The duties and responsibilities of the Vice President are:
Serve as Treasurer; being responsible for all money and assets received through donations, fundraising, etc.
 In the absence of the President, assume the duties and responsibilities of the President.
 Coordinate with Department Heads and reports all department activity to the President.
 Responsible for recruiting new members.
 Assure the smooth running of the organization, particularly in regards to the membership.

3. Secretary
The requirements for Secretary are:
 Minimum age of eighteen (18).
 Must be a primary member in good standing for six (6) months.
 Must meet any requirements set forth by a parent or external organization to which the club belongs.

The duties and responsibilities of the Secretary are:
 Maintain club records
 Record the minutes of business meetings
 Mail correspondence to other organizations
 Maintain all internal and external communications, including but not limited to: Newsletters, Cyber media, and Recruitment materials.

4. Selection of Chapter Officers
The Executive Committee is modeled after the chain of command seen in Star Trek® television and movies. “Senior officers” will lead the club.

5. Term of Office
There is no set term of office for the Chapter Officers. They serve at the pleasure of the membership. If the membership decides an officer is not performing to their expectations, that
officer may be removed from office by the rules specified in Article VIII Recall of Officers.

6. Vacancies
If there is a vacancy on the Executive Committee, either by resignation or removal, the vacancy will be filled using the chain of command seen in Star Trek® television and movies. The next
“senior officer” shall move into the vacant office.

If the President leaves office, the Vice President shall take over as President. The Vice President shall then face a Vote of Confidence. The officer will be confirmed by a 2/3 vote by all primary

If the Vice President declines to serve, or fails a Vote of Confidence, the Secretary shall take over as President. The Secretary shall then face a Vote of Confidence. The officer will be
confirmed by a 2/3 vote of all primary members.
If any of these officers accepts, declines, or fails a vote of confidence to advance to the next higher position– or the second officer’s position becomes vacant– then an election must be held.
This procedure may involve proxy/absentee ballots. These ballots will be coordinated by a member of the executive committee who is not in a position to advance or has already declined
advancement. If no member of the executive committee is eligible to conduct the vote, then an elections officer will be appointed by the membership.

7. Leave of Absence
From time to time an Officer may find that he or she is unable to perform their duties. In this case, they may request a leave of absence. This leave will have no minimum time and a
maximum of 6(six) months. If the determined time is less than 1(one) month, the remaining officers will accept the absent officer’s responsibilities. If the period is longer, the Executive
Committee will appoint a temporary replacement to assume the duties of the absent officer. This, however, is not an option if the officer in question has already been confronted with a recall
situation, as outlined in Article VIII Recall of Officers.

8. Honorary Officers and Advisors
Honorary officers may include past executive committee members of this organization, special members of the civic or fandom community, and celebrities. They shall bear no official
responsibilities; the title is simply in name only. There will be no appointment of advisors or liaisons in this organization. Former executive committee members may request reassignment to
either a department with appropriate rank reduction, or assignment to the Ambassadorial Division with full rank intact.


The President, Vice President, or Secretary are subject to recall by vote of the primary members.
These Executive Committee officers serve at the pleasure of the membership.

Only a primary member in good standing may initiate a recall action by petition to the Executive Committee. A primary member may not initiate more that one (1) recall action within a ninety
(90) day period.

The petition request must include as a minimum:
 The reasons why the action is being initiated.
 Documentation supporting this action
 The signatures of at least 40% of the primary members of this organization.

The Executive Committee will review the petition. If the petition is found to be in order, recall proceedings will be initiated.

The affected officer will then be given fourteen (14) days in which to challenge the recall–via any means of communication as he sees fit–at his own expense. This may include letters, e-mail,
telephone contact, or meetings of his own design. The Executive Committee will set up the appropriate time table and conduct the recall vote.

A recall vote shall pass by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the entire primary membership. This vote must also poll all primary members to record proxy/absentee votes. The Executive Committee
will then inform the membership of the results of the ballot and inform the affected officer. If the recall measure is passed, the recalled officer will have 14 days to turn over all materials of
office to the Executive Committee. If the recall measure is defeated, the officer will immediately resume his duties upon notification by the Executive Committee.


This Constitution will be open to review annually. This Constitution must be renewed every year by the general membership.

At the April business meeting, a Constitutional Review Committee will be selected. The committee will be composed of one Executive Committee member and 20% general members
not on the Executive Committee.
Any amendments or revisions may only be made during the scheduled review. This Constitution may be amended, repealed, or superseded, either in whole or in part, by submitting all proposed
changes to the Committee. Any member or members wishing to amend the Constitution may submit recommendations to the Constitutional Review Committee for consideration. The
Committee will report back to the membership with any proposed constitutional changes whichthe committee recommends. These will then be discussed and voted on by membership for
ratification. The committee will have until the May business meeting to complete their business No extensions will be allowed.

At the May business meeting, a copy of the Constitution, plus any proposed revisions, will be presented to the members. Discussion and debate will take place within a reasonable time frame.
A renewal vote will occur immediately after discussion is completed. The renewal vote shall pass by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all Primary Members. This vote may also accept
proxy/absentee voting. All amendments shall take effect immediately.
This Constitution should be considered as a final document and should never be rewritten unless the volume of approved amendments reaches unmanageable proportions.

Revision History
2015 Revision
Proposed: 5/09/15
Ratified: 5/09/15
Changed Article IV, Membership 4. Membership materials removed the newsletter section membership card and changed to items for sell to may be for sell.
Changed Article VIII Recall of Officers, Changed Primary members required signatures from 20% to 40%.

2011 Revision
No Changes
2010 Revision
No Changes

2009 Revision
Proposed: 5/24/09
Ratified: 06/10/09
Changed Article I General, 1. Change Chapter location to Pinellas County. Changed Article III Activities, Added Members can cancel or reschedule monthly meetings.
Changed Article IV Membership. Added 4. Membership Responsibility, Following through on comments made to ship and crew to the best of your abilities.
Changed Article V Finance, Added C. Audit. The President will initiate annually in November or upon change of Vice President, a financial audit by a qualified person not serving on the
Executive Committee.
2005 Revision
Proposed: 3/27/05
Ratified: 04/24/05
Changed Article I General, 2. Change wording to better reflect and simplify membership in Nation and other external fan organizations.

2004 Revisions
No Changes
2003 Revision
Proposed: 5/25/03
Ratified: 06/22/03

2002 Revision
Proposed: 5/26/02
Ratified: 06/23/02

2001 Revision
Proposed: 4/22/01
Ratified: 05/24/01

2000 Revision
Proposed: 04/22/00
Changed Article I General, changed to new registry number NCC-40967-A.
Ratified: 06/25/00

1999 Revision
Proposed: 04/24/99
Ratified: 05/23/99
Revisions 04/24/99
Changed Article IX Amendments, Revision and Renewal, the word “first” removed from this section when referring to first business meeting. Constitutional Review Committee changed to
20% of the general membership from four general members.

Revisions 02/15/98
Removal of all references to UFPI. Changed voting on elections, recalls, and constitutional amendments, to allow for proxy/absentee
voting. Added Leave Of Absence option for Officers. Changed Primary Membership age requirements to reflect cadets that have been deemed
competent to participate with the day to day business operations of the club.

Prior Revisions (1997)
 Corrected spelling and grammatical errors within the document.
 Article I: Corrected references to UFPI.
 Article IV: Defined categories of membership to reflect “primary” and “secondary” memberships with the organization. Removed paragraph C regarding UFPI membership.
Added stricter attention to underage members. Added the requirement for a release form to be kept on file. Clarified the liability disclaimer.
 Article VI: Removed references to Department Heads, redefined Governing Body as the President, Vice President, and Secretary (Executive Committee) to reflect recent changes in
our club structure. Added more definition to Governing Body.
 Article VII: Added requirements for President, Vice President, and Secretary to be UFPI members and have completed courses with UFPI Academy before being allowed to serve.
Eliminated Election procedures.Added UFPI definitions of office of President, complete with duties and responsibilities.
 Articles IX and X: Combined Amendment and Review sections, removed ratification article at the end. Added annual renewal procedures. Constitution must be renewed each year to
remain valid.
 Proposed Article VIII Recall of Officers. Renamed Articles afterward to reflect its addition.

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