Commanding Officer

 Lavatin Orasha

Gender: Male
Height: 1.81m
Weight: 112 kg
Hair: White
Eyes: White
Age: 52
Date of Birth: (Earth Date) 2346
Race: Efrosian
Home World: Efros



Current Assignment: Commanding Officer U.S.S. Victorious, OIC 699th MSG, Commanding Officer 31st MACOS

STARFLEET Academy Credentials:

Doctorate of Special Operations.

STARFLEET Academy Awards:

DILITHIUM 300 Red SquadronTeam Delta

 SFI Chapter Awards:

Order of the Cochrane 2nd classGrankite Order of Tactics 2nd classOrder of the Roddenberry 2nd classSTARFLEET Medical Service Commendationtenberry 2nd class

 UFP Chapter Awards:

UFP Honor Chapter Award

Chapter Awards:

Genesisfleet/Ship Awards

Maco Awards:

MACO Awards

STARFLEET Career Summary:

2363: Graduated from STARFLEET Academy. Assigned to USS W. Kerr Scott. as Security/Tactical Officer. 2364: Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade)  Received Meritorious service Ribbon with 1 Bronze loop for outstanding service to the ship and crew.

Class of ship: Akyazi

2365: Assigned to USS Comanche as Tactical/Chief Security Officer.   2366: Promoted to Lieutenant (Senior Grade).  Awarded Commendation Ribbon for assisting the Ambassador to Efros to establish new trade agreements with several Federation planets. 2370: Promoted to Lt. Commander and assigned as acting First Officer.  Received Meritorious service Ribbon with 2nd Bronze loop for outstanding service to the ship and crew.

Class of ship:  Excelsior

2371: Assigned to the USS Rhein-Neckar as Operations Officer.  2373: Assigned as First Officer. 2374: Promoted to Commander.  2375: Awarded a Field Commission to Acting Captain.  Awarded a Ribbon of Valor for service above and beyond the call of duty after assuming Command of the Rhein-Neckar after Captain Kalev was wounded in action and was unable to perform duties as Captain. Captain Kalev did not fully recover from his wounds and retired from STARFLEET.  A board of inquiry was convened to investigate this incident.  Commander Lavatin was cleared of any miss conduct or dereliction of duty. Received  Meritorious service Ribbon with 3rd Bronze loop for outstanding service to the ship and crew. Commander Lavatin returned to his home world of Efros with a leave of absents from STARFLEET.  2376: Field Commission to Captain retracted.

Class of ship: Galaxy

2376: Lavatin reinstated in STARFLEET with previous rank of Commander.    Assigned to the USS Victorious as First Officer. Awarded Department Chief Achievement Ribbon for service as First Officer.  2377: Promoted to Captain and assigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Victorious.   Awarded STARFLEET Medal of Honor for Gallantry during the battle to retake DS9 in which most of the 2nd Fleet was destroyed.  Awarded Meritorious service Ribbon with 4th Bronze loop for outstanding service to the ship and crew. USS Victorious assigned to the newly formed Genesis Fleet.  2381: Captain Lavatin Promoted to Fleet Captain and assigned as Fleet Captain of the Genesis Fleet. 2384: Fleet Captain Lavatin awarded Genesis Fleet Campaign ribbon with two gold diamonds for nine battle campaigns with the Genesis Fleet.  Fleet Captain Lavatin awarded Ribbon of Valor with Bronze device rescue of STARFLEET personnel from enemy forces.  2385: Excelsior Class USS Victorious Destroyed in hostile action.  Fleet Captain Lavatin awarded Legion of Honor.  Captain and Crew assigned to the new Constructed Sovereign Class USS Atlantis, STARFLEET Operations grants special dispensation to change the name to USS Victorious in honor of its predecessors 70 years of service. 2386: Fleet Captain Lavatin awarded the Star Cross for actions as Genesis Fleet Commander.  Awarded the Order of the Purple Heart for wounds suffered during an engagement with hostile Klingon forces. Awarded the Commendation Ribbon with Bronze device for successfully settling dispute with the Klingon forces to a peaceful resolution. Awarded Meritorious service Ribbon with 4th Bronze loop for outstanding service to the ship and crew. 2387: Fleet Captain Lavatin awarded Order of the Purple with Bronze device for injuries sustained during hostile action while engaged with a unknown hostile vessels.  Also awarded the STARFLEET Medal of Honor with Clusters with Bronze Star device during this action.  Awarded Meritorious service Ribbon with 5th Bronze loop for outstanding service to the ship and crew. (Further information on this incident is classified.) 2385: Fleet Captain Lavatin Promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral.  Rear Admiral Lavatin awarded Distinguished Service Medal for over 10 years of distinguished Service to the USS Victorious and the Genesis Fleet.  2386:  Genesis Fleet deactivated and  Remaining ships reassigned to other duties.  Due to new duties assigned a reduction in Rank to Fleet Captain was requested and approved.  Returned to STARFLEET Academy to completed Doctorate of Special operations. Received Academy Boothby award.  2388: Joined STARFLEET Marie Corp as a reserve officer with a Commission as Brigadier.  Received Initial Entry Training Award, Legion of Arms, Marine Honor Guard.   Awarded Red Squadron for exemplary work while attending STARFLEET Academy.  2389: Received SFMC Fighter pilot Qualification Wings, Jump School qualification wings.  2390: Awarded SFMC Leadership Device Gold with red background.  Received Great barrier and Professional Development 20, 2391: Earned The SFMC Special Operations device and awarded SFMC Team Delta. 2393: Awarded commendation ribbon 3rd oak leaf cluster for work on the Region 2.  Summit. 2394: Promoted to the rank of Commodore. 2396: Promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral Admiral. 2399: Promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral.

Class of ship: Sovereign

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